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Oil & Gas, Energy, Water

As an international entity specializing in engineering, manufacturing, and construction, the company excels in delivering comprehensive projects within the oil & gas, petroleum & petrochemicals, power generation, and industrial facility sectors. It prides itself on offering turn-key solutions through strategic partnerships and a team of dedicated professionals and consultants committed to operational excellence. Engaging in EPC contracts for medium-scale projects, the company's expertise encompasses Process Design, Detailed Engineering, Manufacturing of Equipment, Tanks and Skids, Mechanical Construction, Electrical & Instrumentation Works, and the Commissioning of these systems. Focusing primarily on regions such as Turkey, the Middle East, Russia & Former Soviet Union Countries, and Africa, the company ensures top-tier service and successful project completion across these strategic locations.

Workers at Gas Plant


Fostering Resilience and Biodiversity

Our Mangrove Plantation project spans over 4,800,000 square meters, embodying our commitment to environmental stewardship, sustainability, and local community support. This vast initiative not only serves as a critical habitat for diverse marine life but also plays a significant role in carbon sequestration, reinforcing our dedication to combating climate change. Through this project, we aim to harmonize ecological preservation with community development, ensuring a greener, more resilient future for all.

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